Research & Publication Branch:


PSC is committed to undertake and support research to deliver best practice police service to Bangladesh Police Community. PSC ensures research to be aligned with strategic priorities of Bangladesh Police Research Agenda.

PSC’s Research & Publication Branch is one of the research and knowledge centers on crime and justice in Bangladesh Police. It promotes the establishment of justice and reduction of crime through communicating evidence-based research findings into policy and practice. The research works here are regulated under Police Staff College Act 2002.

The functions of Research & Publication Branch include:

• Conducting research on policing, criminology, security and terrorism issues
• Communicating the results of research for police policy makers and other stakeholders
• Conducting or arranging conferences and seminars
• Publishing materials arising out of PSC’s work in the form of newsletters, journals, books etc.
These above functions are performed by two different Sections of this Branch:

     1. Research and
     2. Publication

Management of Research Activities
A ‘Research Committee’, headed by the MDS (A & R), monitors and manages the research works of the College. This committee, composed of all the Directors of PSC, advises on strategic research priorities, communications and the research grants programs. The structure of the ‘Research Committee ‘is as follows:

i) MDS (Academic & Research) – President
ii) All Directors – Members
iii) Director (Research & Publication) – Member Secretary

The Research committee reviews the proposed research projects, recommends them for getting final approval from Bangladesh Police Research Committee; and provides feedback about publication of research report. These are based against a number of criteria, including:

• The potential implication of results to police work
• The nature of research whether it is academic or empirical
• The research proposal is within the allocated fund of PSC
• The alignment of the research with Bangladesh Police Research Agenda.

This committee recommends sending the research project for final approval to the Police Headquarters through Rector.

Fields of Research

Our research themes speak for changes, provide gateway of modern policing and detect the impediments of existing policing system for its betterment.

PSC researches are conducted on the following areas:

    1. Development of safer and secured society
    2. Democratic policing and challenges in developing societies
    3. Protection, promotion and uphold human rights
    4. Establishment of women rights and control of gender based violence
    5. Protection of children
    6. Contemporary public safety issues
    7. Police peoples engagement and community policing
    8. Terrorism & counter terrorism
    9. Police harassment, irregularities and its remedies
    10. Police operational autonomy and challenges
    11. Environmental degradation and its impact on law and order
    12. Public order management and social development
    13. Police accountability, discipline and people’s perception
    14. Capacity building for law enforcement agencies
    15. Police management and leadership
    16. Relation between social problems and crime
    17. Corruption in society and crime
    18. Role of police in maintaining discipline and peace in society
    19. Role of police in mitigating social conflict
    20. Community policing and its impact