Police Financial Management Certificate Course (PFMCC) for Addl.SP

Police Financial Management Certificate Course (PFMC) is one of the core courses of PSC offered to the Additional Superintendents of Bangladesh Police.

Course objectives:
Financial management provides a foundation of the core components of financial economies covering the selected topics on budgeting, procurement, taxation and auditing etc. The course objective is to provide a theoretical framework for considering finance problems and issues in various police units and to apply these concepts in practice.

Three primary objectives for this course are:
1) to give the participants a base level of financial knowledge
2) to give the participants the ability and confidence to tackle common financial problems in practice, and
3) to provide adequate knowledge on financial management in relation to auditing, taxation, leave rules etc.

In this course, the participants will enhance their knowledge and understanding on financial management. Through class discussion, informal study groups and formal class presentation, they will enhance their communication and networking skills. They will learn how managers should organize their financial transactions effectively and with integrity. Finally, financial management is also related to money laundering, corruption, mobile financing etc. and the course will discuss many cases and examples involving various companies, giving the participants a glimpse of other perspectives on financial management.
Expected Outcomes:

After successful completion of the course, the participants can able to:
► Better ability in handling of govt. exchequer.
► Raised ability and attitude in cost-effective financial management of the AOR.
► Better understanding of police financial management issues.
► Increased ability to determine the appropriate and effective strategies in management of financial activities.
► Raised capacity in developing financial strategies