Course Title: Intelligence Analysis

Duration: 20th February ,2024 to 28th , February ,2024

This course will provide law enforcement, intelligence personnel, and analysts with information necessary to understand the intelligence cycle and the techniques used to organize and analyze data.

The objectives of the course are following:


. To learn how to transform raw information into critical Intelligence Reports used to understand Intelligence issues.

. To gain an aptitude for identifying gaps, evaluate information from multiple sources, monitor trends and interpret events related to particular issues.

After the course, participants would be able to:

  • The Intelligence process: Evaluation of sources and data analysis.
  • Criminal Intelligence and crime Intelligence Analysis Crime Management: Using Crime Control Registers, crime map, crime chart and crime statistics Intelligence and Policing: A crying need for modern policing         
  • Introduction to open source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence Management. OSINT and cyber-Security.
  • Phishing/Deep Web or Net Meta Data
  • Social Media Analysis and Reporting.
  • OSINT Techniques, OSINT Collection Techniques.
  • OSINT Framework, Issues with Open-Source Intelligence.
  • Introduction to Human Intelligence.
  • Threat Aspects
  • Potential Confidential Human Source (PCHS)


Course Management:

Chief Patron: Dr.Mallick Fakhrul Islam BPM.PPM.Rector. Police Staff College Bangladesh

Patron: Dr.A.F.M.Masum Rabbani ,SDS(Training) Police Staff College Bangladesh

Course Adviser: Md. Jahangir Hossain ,MDS (Training), Police Staff College Bangladesh

Course Director: Md. Hatem Ali, Director (Training), Police Staff College Bangladesh

Course Coordinator: Tahura Jannat, DD (Training-Core Course), Police Staff College Bangladesh


Course at a glance:


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Intelligence Analysis







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