Transnational Crime: SAARC Perspective

The scourge of terrorism has for long afflicted South Asia causing extensive social disharmony. Since terrorism poses a serious threat to peace and cooperation as well as friendly and good neighborly relations, cooperative security is must in this region. The transnational character of terrorism erodes external-internal security distinctions. It requires a combination of unilateral, bilateral and multilateral approaches. Recognizing the need of region wide cooperation against all forms and manifestations of terrorism is becoming the most vital strategy of regional security. In its response SAARC can provide a rock solid platform for multilateral approaches to the regional fight against terrorism.
In this backdrop, PSC takes steps to strengthen SAARC police capabilities through organizing a tailor made training that will work on the security needs of SAARC member countries. It is a two-week duration course designed for the participants in the rank of SP from SAARC member countries.

Course objectives:
► Combating Transnational Crimes in SAARC Region
► Sharing Knowledge and Experience in Professional Issues of Common Interest
► Maximizing SAARC Police Co-operation
► Exchanging the Best Practices of Policing

Expected Outcome:
► Potent and Functional Policing Network within the SAARC Countries
► Sharing and Discussion of Common Issues
► Integrated Approach to Facilitate Combating Transnational Crimes
► Exercising Best Practices in Dealing with Conventional and Other Crimes